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Love can happen from miles and we make it possible here. The Max 2 Lovense Miami is a technologically advanced vibrator that runs with the help of Bluetooth and smartphone application. This compact and small-sized vibrator carries immense power to establish connectivity and let partners indulge into an engaging act from two different places. One who has been staying away from her partner will take absolute pleasure in playing and teasing with her genitals through the Lovense Lush Miami.

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Lovense Hush - Lovense Nora Bluetooth Miami

The Lovense Bluetooth Miami is easy to use, safe to play and pleasurable to use. Once the device is made to rest on the genitals, the other partner will operate it through his smartphone. Our adult store brings the coolest models at the best price. We have several models like Lovense Lush 2 Miami, Lovense Lush 3 Miami, Lovense Nora Miami and more.

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Now you can order any of these Lovense app control vibrators at our store and get quicker and discreet delivery. Just let us know the model you want and we will get it for you.