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Adultvibes USA – Privacy Policy

We here at Adultvibes USA have a set of privacy policies that are applicable to every individual who want to access our website. These policies are to be read, understood and adhered to. For any suggestions or queries, one can Email us at

We Keep User Information Confidential :

Protecting all types of information plays a key role in sustaining trust and privacy for us. Therefore, we keep customer’s information confidential, whether it is someone’s name, address or any other aspect. So, one who visits our site remains an anonymous user. The moment you log in into our website, you will then only be identified.

We Process User Data for Convenient Shopping :

Apart from accumulating data, we also process them so that it becomes easier for you to purchase products from our site and also make possible claims later, if any. We take into consideration details like name, gender, email address, address for product delivery, mobile number, postal address, fax number, payment details, bank account details or debit/credit card details.

We Accept True Information :

We require data in regard to collecting payments from customers as well as on managing the website, let you access certain sections of the website, track down any sort of malpractices on the website, send you useful information on our products and services related to the website. Therefore, whatever information you will be providing to our agent must be correct and updated.

We Do Not Share User Data with Third Parties :

We may also need your updated order details. To access the same, you can log in through your account and may access the information. Just make sure not to share this access data with anyone. If you share with a third party under any circumstance, we will not be liable for any issues reported later. As far as sharing of information with third parties on our behalf is concerned, we will never do so without your consent. In fact, all our payment methods are safe and authentic.

Your personal data might sometimes be utilized for market research and opinion. In case, you are willing to participate in competitions, we might, therefore, need provide some personal details. To be precise, personal data will be used to promote our offers and declare winners as well.

We Maintain Protective Servers to Safeguard Information :

Adultvibes USA have both technical and security measures for preventing unauthorized access to your information. To accumulate data through the website, we collect all your personal information on an authentic server. Our servers are protected with firewalls to assure top security, especially when payments are initiated electronically.

We have our Copyright :

Adultvibes USA holds copyright for this Privacy Policy that disallows any type of interference by third parties for commercial purposes. Legal actions will be taken in case of any law violation. However, we reserve the right to make necessary changes in this Privacy Policy for excluding or including clauses, and Adultvibes USA is not responsible for notifying users on this.