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Penis Extender Sleeve

Stay Happy with Regular Erections Wearing a Penis Extender Sleeve

A penis extender sleeve is an adult toy that needs to be worn over the penis to bring more pleasure to the person accepting the penetration. These are designed to add length to the penis so as to initiate a sexual activity, thereby allowing deeper penetration. Penis sleeves are mostly made of silicone and are available in varied shapes, sizes, colours and textures. There are some penis sleeve extenders that come equipped with vibrators. As a matter of fact, these erotic toys are indeed helpful for all those men having trouble in maintaining an erection. What makes a penis extender sleeve safe and comfortable is their rubber or plastic base, which effortlessly slides over the penis extending its length to a good extent. While some penis extender sleeves are closed on top, others come with an open tip. Again, some are smooth while others have stimulating nubs. So, it largely depends on the user as to what type of sleeve is he willing to consider. Sizes vary from one product to another. For instance, you can look for a 5.5-inch penis extender sleeve or a 6-inch one, whichever you feel will leave you contented. There are also ultra-soft penis extensions that are waterproof, which will let you have fun under the waters with your partner.  In terms of cleaning and maintenance, a penis extender sleeve involves no effort. You just need some clean warm water and a mild soap to do so. Since these are usually sensitive to dirt and dust, you can keep it always in an enclosed area to avoid such things.